APK Name:Badland Brawl
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Publisher:HypeHype Inc
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Requirements:Android 4.1
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Badland Brawl, an engaging online strategy game, brings the beloved characters from the Badland saga to life as formidable attack units. Engage in thrilling 1v1 duels against players worldwide while fortifying your defenses. Moreover, this game offers an exciting opportunity to team up with friends and other players across the globe. Compatible with all Android devices, including low-end ones,

Badland Brawl Mod Apk

Badland Brawl Mod Apk is accessible to a wide audience. It’s no wonder that brawl games have gained immense popularity, making it one of the most sought-after mobile gaming experiences worldwide.


  • Real-time brawls with friends and other players.
  • Unique gameplay based on physics.
  • Create crazy chain reactions to overwhelm your opponents.
  • New characters.
  • Discover mysterious.
  • Create tactical brawl parties and use your Clones cleverly.
  • Take on dozens of Lands.
  • Build your own Brawl community by joining or creating a tribe.
  • Private duels with tribemates.
  • Learn new tactics by watching BadTube brawls.


Set out on a thrilling adventure in Badland Brawl Mod Apk, where you will be faced with two towers – one under your control and the other belonging to your opponent. The primary goal of the game is to utilize your powerful army of Brawls to dismantle your adversary’s tower.

Immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring combat experience that boasts stunning visuals, as you aim to triumph over your opponent while fortifying your base. A crucial element of this strategy game lies in the ability to skillfully select troops that outmatch your enemy’s forces.

Opting for low-power troops would increase your risk of defeat, as they may struggle to overpower your opponent’s units. Prepare for an adventure in the acclaimed Badland universe, where a plethora of intriguing characters awaits. Unlock secret Badland eggs to obtain mind-boggling clone characters, allowing you to craft tactical brawl parties and explore innovative ways to employ your clones.

Badland Brawl Gameplay

Traverse numerous Lands on your ascent to greatness while fostering a sense of community by joining a Tribe, exchanging Clones, and building your very own Brawl community. Organize thrilling duels with Tribemates and friends, and gain valuable insights by witnessing the finest brawls on BadTube (accessible within the game).

Mod Apk Features

The following are the mod version features:

1. Maximum Cards

In addition to gold, players gain unlimited cards for the next duel. Increase your army’s power with maximum cards. Become an unstoppable commander as you score more points and defeat more formidable opponents.

2. Unlimited Characters

With the modified version, you can unlock more characters for free. Powers and skills are unique to each character.

3. Unlimited Money

With unlimited money, you can upgrade everything for an amazing battle in the game.

Mod Apk Features

Installation Process

  1. If you have already installed Badland Brawl’s original version, you must uninstall it first.
  2. Download Badland Brawl APK from our website.
  3. You must install the apk file after completing the download.
  4. To install applications outside of the Play Store, you must enable “Unknown sources”.
  5. You can then enjoy Badland Brawl Mod APK.

Final Verdict

Elevate the excitement of playing Badland Brawl Mod Apk by teaming up with your friends, as the shared experience of gaming with companions is undeniably delightful. Engaging in this award-winning game offers a splendid opportunity for relaxation and amusement.

Engage in friendly competition by challenging your friends to achieve the highest scores, fostering a sense of exhilarating rivalry. Badland Brawl Mod Apk is equipped with remarkable features and numerous advantages that are bound to captivate you. Prepare yourself for an intensified and electrifying gaming experience that will leave you enthralled.


Is it possible to play Badland Brawl offline?

Badland Brawl is a PvP game that takes place in real-time. Being online is required to play the game against real players.

How safe is Badland Brawl Mod?

This application has been scanned by our Anti-Malware platform and no viruses have been found.

Does Badland Brawl Mod Apk support multiplayer?

Badland Brawl Apk is a multiplayer game you can play with your friends for free.

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