Are you ready to experience a gaming experience that is action-packed? Enjoy non-stop excitement and thrilling battles with Call of Duty Heroes MOD APK.

APK Name:Call Of Duty Heroes
Latest Version:4.9.1
File Size:60 MB
Requirements:Android 4.1
Playstore Link:Click Here


Call of Duty: Heroes is a classic strategy game that complements the popular gaming franchise on PC and console. During this game, the player builds her own base and makes forays into the enemy camp in order to protect it.

With the three-dimensional graphics, cool effects, and animations, you will be able to pass many story missions with pleasure. Besides the single-player campaign, the game offers the chance to compete against real players.



This game is equipped with the following features, which you can find below:

Base Building

Military bases serve as the headquarters for armies, which are built and upgraded by players.

Army Training and Deployment

To defend their base and attack enemies, players can deploy a variety of military units, including soldiers, helicopters, and tanks.

Multiplayer Battles

Individual battles and team battles are both possible in multiplayer mode.
Upgrades and special abilities. To gain an edge in battle, players can upgrade their units and bases, and use special abilities like airstrikes and EMPs.

Alliance System

In multiplayer battles, players can form alliances with other players.


In Call of Duty: Heroes, players build and manage military bases, train armies, and engage in battles against enemy players. Structures at the base are used for training troops, producing resources, and storing weapons and equipment.

Players must collect resources such as money and oil to upgrade their bases and train their armies. By attacking enemy bases, resources are generated automatically over time. By selecting soldiers, helicopters, and tanks for their armies, players train their armies.
Units can also be upgraded to increase their effectiveness and strength. Whether playing alone or as part of an alliance, players engage in battles with other players.


Defend their own base while destroying the enemies. During the battle, players can take advantage of special abilities like airstrikes and EMPs. Completing battles and missions earns players rewards and experience points, which can be used to upgrade their base and army. Players can also progress in the game by participating in daily missions and special events.

Mod Apk Features

The following are some of the modified features of this game:

Unlimited Money

Depending on the game, players may have access to unlimited in-game currency, so they will be able to upgrade and purchase items without any limitations.

Unlocked Characters

Depending on the mod APK, players may be able to use certain characters or weapons without having to grind for them or complete certain tasks in order to unlock them.

No Ads

In some cases, a mod APK can be used in order to remove advertisements, providing a smoother and less intrusive gaming experience.

Mod Apk Features

How To Install It?

  1. If you have already installed Call Of Duty: Heroes’ original version, you must uninstall it first.
  2. On our site, you can download Call Of Duty: Heroes APK.
  3. To install the app, you must locate the apk file after downloading it.
  4. In order to install applications outside of the Play Store, you must enable “Unknown sources”.
  5. You can now enjoy Call Of Duty: Heroes APK.

Last Words!

Call of Duty: Heroes mod apk is a mobile spin-off of the famous “Call of Duty” series. Generally, players enjoy the game’s combination of strategy and action. In-app purchases may affect gameplay, as they do in many free-to-play mobile games.
By using this mod, you will be able to use all of the app’s top-notch features for free. Enjoy a unique experience with all gear unlocked for you.


What is the reason soldiers can’t unlock in the Call of Duty: Heroes mod apk?

In order to unlock and upgrade the military base, you need to level up enough. Levels will increase as the minion’s strength increases.

What is the fastest way to kill all enemies?

Modern weapons and advanced defense systems are necessary for players to destroy their enemies faster.

What is the number of defensive weapon systems in a match?

There are approximately 14 weapon systems. Whichever you choose, you are free to do so.

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