APK Name:Dragalia Lost
Latest Version:2.19.0
File Size:122 MB
Category:Role Playing
Requirements:Android 4.1
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In the immersive world of Dragalia Lost, humans and dragons forge unbreakable bonds through swipe-controlled action RPGs. Through powerful attacks and special skills, players can even transform themselves into mighty dragons. Enriching your gaming experience is a captivating musical score, accompanied by a cast of over 60 voiced characters guiding you on your quest.

Your ultimate goal is to rescue the magical world from the clutches of chaos. Embark on a perilous journey across treacherous lands alongside your squad of four characters. Step into a fantastical realm where princes, princesses, magicians, formidable warriors, and fearsome monsters await your arrival. Engage in dynamic battles, employing diverse combat skills while deftly dodging enemy attacks.

Dragalia Lost Mod Apk

Expand your team by recruiting new heroes, each with their own unique abilities. Earn trophies and acquire stylish outfit items to further enhance your prowess. By simply swiping on the screen, you effortlessly control your character’s movements and unleash devastating attacks. Unlike many traditional role-playing games, Dragalia Lost Mod Apk offers a fluid and flexible control system that enhances speed and precision.

Within minutes of playing, this extraordinary title will captivate you with its seamless control and exhilarating gameplay.


Given below are some general features of the game:

Create Diverse Characters

Dragalia Lost uses a standard system called The Halidom to manage characters. Access and set up your own image. Additions or upgrades are made here. With the money earned after completing missions, players can also unlock new equipment. As you complete, your level and strength will improve. Earn bonus points to unlock special abilities.

Satisfactory Graphics

Dragalia Lost has extremely shimmering graphics. Characters are shaped in an anime style. Strong and mighty dragons are especially depicted.

Team Victory

Defending the kingdom against monsters is full of challenges and dangers. With the co-op feature, you won’t have to worry when there are reliable teammates around. The final stages often have strong bosses. Get the rewards as well as complete the task. Dragon transformations that help you win will be available to you often.



In Dragalia Lost, characters engage enemies with a diverse array of attacks. Each adventurer possesses a unique elemental affinity, which can grant advantages or disadvantages against different foes. Alternatively, characters have the ability to unleash devastating special attacks by transforming into mighty dragons.

Attacking or destroying dragon statues activates the special ability for a duration of around ten seconds. The game categorizes adventurers into different classes, such as attack, support, defense, and healing, each possessing unique roles and abilities.

Additionally, characters (excluding one adventurer) possess two skills that gradually charge up as they engage in combat. Furthermore, players have the freedom to choose two additional skills from a pool of options, further customizing their characters’ capabilities. Dragalia Lost not only caters to solo gameplay but also offers a cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing teams of four players to join forces in exhilarating Raid Battles.

In a special event, each player assumes control of one Adventurer, resulting in a total of 16 characters simultaneously in action. It’s gameplay diversity and multiplayer engagement contribute to the widespread popularity of Dragalia Lost.

Mod Apk Features

The following are the mod features of the game:


Install the dragalia lost mod apk version to access everything for free. No need to buy anything and no ads will distract you.

High Damage

UI will display a barrier, but the damage will ignore it and hit the enemy directly. Damage is significantly increased by the enemy’s 0 defense stat.

Infinite Revives

Players can revive unlimited times (where revive is available) and get a maximum survival bonus.

Unlimited Dragons

Dragon is available now. The dragon timer doesn’t decrease. After 1 hit, the skill is available. Normal characters only. Use skills as long as you like. For both dragons and normal characters.

Mod Apk Features

How To Install It?

  1. Dragalia Lost’s original version must be uninstalled first.
  2. You can download Dragalia Lost APK from our site.
  3. After downloading the apk file, you must install it.
  4. You must enable “Unknown sources” in order to install applications outside of the Play Store.
  5. Dragalia Lost Mod APK can then be opened and enjoyed.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Dragalia Lost MOD APK, a captivating animation-style role-playing fantasy game. Participation in special events not only grants valuable experience and rewards but also allows you to forge powerful weapons and establish alliances with majestic dragons. Embark on an epic journey through perilous kingdoms, accompanied by a formidable squad of up to four characters.

Brace yourself for encounters with skilled wizards, mighty warriors, and spine-chilling creatures. Engage in thrilling battles, employing a diverse range of fighting skills while deftly evading enemy attacks. With the aid of Dragalia Lost MOD, you will effortlessly overpower your adversaries, ensuring victory at every turn.


Is there a fee associated with Dragalia Lost?

During your time with Dragalia Lost mod, you will enjoy attractive features.

Can Dragalia Lost be accessed without the Internet?

Since this is an online role-playing game, you must be online to create an account and play with friends.

How safe is Dragalia Lost Mod Apk for users’ phones?

Mod APK Dragalia Lost only tweaks a few basic features and retained the game’s mechanics. Users’ smartphones are always secure with the game.

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