A medieval strategy game, Empire Four Kingdoms Mod APK allows players to build their own kingdom and defend it against other kingdoms. Take control of the realm and gain unlimited resources by downloading now.

APK Name:Empire Four Kingdoms
Latest Version:4.10.25
Publisher:Goodgame Studios
File Size:102 MB
Requirements:Android 4.1
Playstore Link:Click Here


Empire’s four kingdoms require you to build alliances with medieval kings in order to conquer them. In the game, four civilizations clash against one another during the medieval era.

During the stone age, many realms were forgotten by clever kings. A castle is one of many essential buildings that you must build as the king of your civilization. Fight in battles against all those who dare to challenge you and fight against you to become a loyal warlord.

More than ten million people have accessed the game on the Play store across the globe, and it rates highly among action games.


Multiplayer Combat

Battles can be fought in real time against other players worldwide, and alliances can be built.

Guilds and Corps

Guilds and alliances are available to players, allowing them to work together to achieve common goals.

Challenges and Events

New rewards and challenges are offered regularly to players, giving them an advantage over their opponents.

User-friendly Interface

Designed with ease of navigation in mind, the user interface makes the game available to players of all skill levels.



As a medieval ruler in Empire Four Kingdoms, players build and expand their kingdoms, defend against enemies, and compete for resources and territory against other players. In this game, the player builds and upgrades structures within their kingdom. These systems supply resources and armies required for the player to extend their empire and protect against enemy raids.

Food and gold can also be gathered by reaping the environment or trading with others. Compelling and training troops, and researching new technologies use these resources. Alliances can be formed to gain resources and protection, or players can wage war to conquer other players’ kingdoms. Strategy is key to succeeding in wars and defending your kingdom.


Rewards and rewards can also be earned through events and contests. During these events, players can face decisive enemy armies, compete to build the most impressive kingdom, or participate in limited-time special occasions that offer impressive rewards. Building kingdoms, contending against other players, and engaging in strategic battles can all be appreciated in Empire Four Kingdoms.

Mod Apk Features

Resources Abound

A player’s kingdom can be upgraded and built with an unlimited amount of gold, food, and wood.

Automated Combat

Without manually controlling their armies, players can set their armies to automatically attack and protect against enemy attacks.


In addition to removing advertisements, the game will provide a more enjoyable experience for players.

Mod Apk Features

How to Install It?

  1. If you have installed Empire: Four Kingdoms, you must first uninstall it.
  2. Visit our website to download Empire: Four Kingdoms Mod APK.
  3. Install the apk file after you complete the download.
  4. In order to install applications outside the Play Store, you must enable “Unknown sources”.
  5. After that, you can open Empire: Four Kingdoms Mod APK and play it


Android users can play Empire 4 Kingdoms MOD APK. Fight against other players with similar troops. It is your enemies’ corps that will try to destroy you, not yours. Make them surrender by conquering their city. Soldiers in this game include spearmen, archers, sworders, and horse riders.

In order to win the battle against your enemies without being defeated by them, you must choose the right troop at the right time. The game arrives with many difficult tasks and levels. Rather than brute force, use your intelligence and wisdom to defeat the enemies. Conquer new cities and win battles to build up your empire. Getting more power and authority will not complete the game if your empire does not expand.


How safe is Empire: Four Kingdoms Mod?

Due to our Anti-Malware platform, Empire: Four Kingdoms Mod is 100% safe.

How real is empire four kingdoms mod apk?

The empire four kingdoms mod apk we provide is 100% original and safe.

Is empire four kingdoms mod apk compatible with all devices?

It works fine on all devices with our empire four kingdoms mod apk.

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