How about playing gangster-themed games or underworld-themed games? Gangstar City Mod Apk explores the underworld’s fun. With this application, you can experience thrilling gangster action.

APK Name:Gangstar City
Latest Version:1.34
Publisher:Zego Global
File Size:137 MB
Requirements:Android 4.1
Playstore Link:Click Here


In open-world action video games, any action that you want can be done, so if you enjoy such games, you should download Gangster City. Gangster city is a fictitious and crime-themed game where you can earn your position as the highest gangster in the city. Power is the theme of this game and it is based in Miami and Los Angeles. You get to enjoy your rule in these two cities.

As the main character, you will belong to the group of wanted gangsters. Make sure he reaches the safest area possible. You will see a map of all streets, roads, buildings, stores, and even hospitals on the screen. Using clear colored marks and dots, the map will guide you to the safest place near you.




In this game, animation and graphics are well developed and contribute greatly to its success. Using different colors and shapes, every detail in the game can be easily differentiated from others based on the graphics and animation module.


Gesture control will be used to move the character over the screen. Every gesture can be implemented over it, including forward-backward movement, running, standing, walking, and sitting.


With Gangstar City’s top vehicles and amazing features, you can get your vehicle moving on the streets and roads of Vegas. Basic gestures will also control your vehicle’s movement.


Each assigned task in the game will reward you with coins at the end so you can customize your character.

Weapons of Power

Any powerful weapon can be selected for your character. With your chosen weapons, you can serve in the gangsters’ world.



Gangstar City is a mafia game where you lead criminals to control four districts. Leading in Los Angeles involves stealing, fighting rival gangs, trafficking arms, and recruiting new followers. Money is needed to expand the empire. Missions can be classified into four types. As the player completes missions, his or her reputation level in the city district increases.

Recruitable members include Thugs, Bouncers, Brutes, Smugglers, and VIPs. Often, they are assigned to protect buildings from enemy gangsters. To protect buildings, all slots in the Crew Building menu must be filled with members. Due to upgrades, the number of defenders required increases as a building’s level increases.

Certain actions also reward the player with items, cash, and experience points (XP) required to level up. Energy points can be restored faster with boosts. Every day, a new weapon is given to the player as a free gift. Using cash, players and teams can heal damage taken in battle.

A game’s management is crucial. Members can be expelled for having too many members in their team; this seems to be the main reason. Weapons, armor, buildings, and decorations abound. Health packs, Grenades, and Flashbangs, all of which can be purchased with diamonds, can be used during fights.

Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Money

Modified versions of the game give you unlimited money to upgrade your character and weapons as well as buy everything you want.

No Ads

Get free access to everything by installing the mod version. There are no ads or purchases required.

Premium Unlocked

If you own this modified version, you will receive free upgrades. All you need is included in the Mod version, so you don’t have to spend any money.

Mod Apk Features

How to Install It?

  1. If you have installed Gangstar City’s original version, you must uninstall it first.
  2. On our site, you can download Gangstar City Mod APK.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded the apk file, you’ll need to install it.
  4. The “Unknown sources” option must be enabled if you want to install applications from sources other than the Play Store.
  5. After that, you can open and enjoy Gangstar City Mod APK


Gangstar City Mod Apk is a game made up of many sub-games, so every time you will play it you will find a thrilling fun environment waiting for you to engage in. Rewards earned from tasks will also be another fun feature of this application, you’ll find a lot of adventure here.


How safe is Gangstar City Mod?

Our Anti-Malware platform detected no viruses, it was scanned by our Anti-Malware platform.

Can I play Gangstar City mod apk for free?

Even though its premium features are not unlocked for free, this amazing game can be played for free without any limitations.

Is it possible to play Gangster City offline?

It’s fun to play this game. Offline play is possible, but tasks are not available.

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