War can only be won with cutting-edge technology, which allows you to utilize cutting-edge weaponry. The Mod Apk Pocket Troops is the best way to unlock all premium features in the game and have unlimited access to everything.

APK Name:Pocket Troops
Latest Version:1.40.1
Publisher:Azur Interactive Games Limited
File Size:150 MB
Category:Role Playing
Requirements:Android 4.1
Playstore Link:Click Here


In Pocket Troops, you will lead a gangstar mini army of brave and purposeful commanders against military strong bosses. Commander, mini special soldiers are prepared for your instructions. Almost every time, it hits the core heart of gamers. During the battles, there are fierce fights and wild battles designed on different battlefields. The objective of Pocket Troops is to build an army that will attack and conquer other players’ bases.

As you advance in the game, your troops will level up and become more powerful. As your troops become stronger, you will be able to attack more powerfully. Using your troops, you will be able to attack other players’ bases. By playing the game, you will earn coins that you can use to upgrade your troops. More than 100 types of troops are available in this game, so you can buy all of them once you have enough coins.


Moreover, you can play mini-games with other players to earn coins and experience points. Winning challenges will increase your chances of earning more rewards from the game. In addition, the game has a chat feature that lets you communicate with other players.


Play over 100 Deadly Warriors

Join pocket troops to recruit warriors and heroes for your team. Prepare your warriors with weapons, upgrades, and power-ups to boost their strength. Dynamic gameplay with huge violence and battles. Completing 12+ missions with a variety of heroes.

Training, Upgrades, and 50+ Skills

Pocket Troops lets you control an army and team and deal with enemies’ evil intentions. Players or heroes can learn around 50 skills to deal with opponents in the easiest way possible. AK47s, shotguns, machine guns, ammunition, grenades, bullets, etc.

Online Players, 12+ Missions and Challenges

Pocket troops give your team powerful warriors and deadly fighters while training them to deal with any situation. Users can select and complete 12 missions. PVP challenges against players all over the world make you practice more since you have several challenges and weapons to equip.



In Pocket Troops, there are no soldiers who die in battle in this humorous and strategic war game. Recruit, train, and equip your ideal army to fight intense small-scale battles. In addition to six soldier classes, bases will be upgraded, weapons will be collected, and there will be a campaign for cinematic PVE missions.

Gameplay begins with a map and a few items like tournaments, boss fights, adventures, story modes, and daily events. Any of them can be played. Game controls are very simple. In difficult situations, you can call an airstrike to order your troops to play according to the strategy. After that, the war happens on its own. Alternatively, you can fast-forward the battle.

With a touch of a button, you can start an airstrike on an enemy area easily. During the game, you can also heal by tapping the heel button. Using your rewards from the battle, you can upgrade your performance and recruit more troops. Resource, points, XP, money, and unlocked items are the rewards.

Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Money

With the mod version of the game, you will have unlimited money to buy anything you want and upgrade your character. Experience the latest development and iconic gameplay in this updated version of the game.

Unlimited Weapons

Pocket Troops mod apk gives you unlimited money and weapons, which allows you to upgrade all your weapons easily and for free.

Unlimited Energy

Using the Mod version of the game, you will be able to fight against others with unlimited energy levels for a better gameplay experience.

Ads Free

Free access to everything with the mod version. Players can enjoy a wide range of gameplay dealing with characters and fights, training equipment, and leisure without ads or purchases.

No Root Required

In order to install this version, you do not need to root your computer.

How to Install It?

  1. If you have already installed Pocket Troop’s original version, you must uninstall it first.
  2. On our site, you can download Pocket Troops Mod APK.
  3. In order to install the app, you must find the apk file and download it.
  4. To install applications outside the Play Store, you need to enable “Unknown sources”.
  5. After that, you can enjoy Pocket Troops Mod APK

Wrap Up

With the Pocket Troops mod apk, you can exercise more control and power in the game. Take advantage of the game’s most important feature. A fun-filled game, Pocket Troops MOD APK offers you the chance to fight off your enemies in a virtual world. Avatars can be created and fought for. Different types of weapons are available.

In this tongue-in-cheek game, you play a war game with exhilarating action. Using the handheld unit feels like playing war games with instruments. In addition, the game features cartoon graphics, tough characters, and witty quips.


How safe is Pocket Troops Mod?

Due to our Anti-Malware platform, Pocket Troops Mod is 100% virus-free

Is the pocket troops mod apk free to download?

It’s safe to download and install the modified version of the game entirely unlocked for free.

Can I download the pocket troops mod apk safely?

Yes, of course. Download pocket troops mod apk without risk. Many of those sites are harmful and can infect your device with viruses, so be careful.

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