If you’ve ever dreamed of unleashing fierce battles and epic combos in the latest version of the game. For unlimited cubes and everything else in Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod Apk, you can download the app now.

APK Name:Shadow Battle 2.2
Latest Version:2.2.56
Publisher:ABI Global
File Size:143.43 MB
Requirements:Android 4.1
Playstore Link:Click Here


A single-player action game, Shadow Battle 2.2 pits you against dark forces rather than humans or animals. Evil spirits are trapping people, and you are the only one who can save them. Each stage will bring you into conflict with these wicked spirits. Help the universe guardians save the world by joining them in fighting the dark forces. As soon as you complete the stages, you will be able to fight your bosses.

As a commander, you will initiate the universe guardians and fight against nasty enemies in this game. There is an interesting storyline in which the earth is under a shadow due to some invading dark forces. Put an end to these dark spirits. By exploring your warrior abilities in this game, you can battle the dark forces in an exciting way. Moreover, you can enhance their abilities as well.

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The following are some of the game’s key features:

Take on the Challenges

You will navigate thrilling levels. The world will become the darkest land if you defeat the dark spirits. A variety of stages make this game challenging.

Multi-skilled Warriors

Play this fighting game to learn warrior skills. By practicing your warrior’s distinctive skills, you can enhance them during the fight.

Arena Game

Arena mode is added on demand. Survivor games can now be played online multiplayer. Enhance your fighting skills and make your warriors stronger in this mode. Earn rewards by winning challenges in arena mode.



In Shadow Battle 2.2, players control a character and fight other characters one-on-one. Each of the game’s characters has unique moves and abilities. Multiple attacks and special moves are available for players to use against their opponents. Game modes include a story mode, survival mode, and online multiplayer.

Various characters and upgrades can also be purchased with in-game currency. As players perform attacks and combos, they use a combination of button presses and swipe gestures. “Shadow Mode” allows players to unleash powerful special moves.

Mod Apk Features

This section explains some of the mod’s features:

Infinite Cubes

A warrior’s special attacks cannot be unlocked without cubes. Free cubes will never end. Get lots of benefits by installing the mod version.

Advertisements Are Free

Playing a game can sometimes force you to watch ads when you receive notifications on your mobile device. You can stop ads on your Android device if you don’t want to receive ad notifications.

Unlimited Diamonds

In the modified version, you will be able to unlock the most powerful commanders and also enhance the capabilities and skills of your squads. This is done by using unlimited diamonds and money. Diamonds can also be used for unlocking a variety of storylines and gameplay.

Mod Apk Features

How To Install It?

  1. If Shadow Battle 2.2 is already installed, you must uninstall it first.
  2. On our site, you can download Shadow Battle 2.2 APK.
  3. Install the apk file after you have completed the download.
  4. To install applications outside the Play Store, you need to enable “Unknown sources”.
  5. After that, you can enjoy Shadow Battle 2.2 APK.


In Shadow Battle 2.2 mod apk, you will find many amazing features that you cannot find in the original game. With no interruptions, you can upgrade your hero and use free diamonds. In the mod version, you can find a lot of interesting stuff for free. Fighting game enthusiasts will find this game a great challenge.

Thinking this game is for kids will be your biggest mistake. Put an end to evil forces’ plans by fighting against them. Let them know you are here to protect them from evil spirits.


What is the safety status of Shadow Battle 2.2 Mod?

Since Shadow Battle 2.2 apk was scanned by our Anti-Malware platform, no viruses were found.

Can I download Shadow Battle 2.2 mod apk for free?

There is no cost associated with it. You will be able to enjoy all the features for free in this game.

What is the best way to get free gems in Shadow Battle 2.2?

Modified versions will give you free gems that can be used indefinitely.

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