If players are always seeking authenticity when fighting monsters, they will choose RPGs with dark fantasy settings or concepts. You have come to the right place, just download and install the Soul Hunters Mod Apk, and enjoy your gameplay with all the premium features unlocked for free.

APK Name:Soul Hunters
Latest Version:2.4.212
File Size:643.8 MB
Requirements:Android 4.1
Playstore Link:Click Here


Soul Hunters is an innovative RPG where you must assemble a band of heroes to fight evil. Each Hero unit will fight in a different battle location. Heroes are in the front line, mages are in the middle line, and healers and archers are in the back.

Typical RGP gaming system with automatic combat in Soul Hunter. Whenever your heroes have an opportunity to attack, you are in control. To activate one of these terrible punches, simply tap on the associated henchman’s drawing. Characters vary in strength and abilities, so choose wisely. Each position will be automatically assigned to heroes. A high-damage team will always have one healer, a tank, and a powerful mage.


In the game, you must bring down the mysterious curse and protect the kingdom from evil events. Surely you are wondering how the kingdom can be protected. Because of this, you can form a team from the collection of powerful Soul Hunter heroes. Players prepare heroes and then release them onto the battlefield to fight enemies. Over 50 heroes are to be collected for the team. Just focusing on the heroes’ looks and powers won’t help.

Including tanks and DPS with Heroes is more beneficial than building a team without a strategy. Soul Hunter’s heroes can be upgraded by using soulstones found throughout the game world. Create a team that is stable from all sides. Heroes will protect our own troops as well as attack the enemies.


  • Epic Parties
  • Perfect the Tactics
  • Fights of Legend
  • Experience Immersion
  • RPG With Action


In the game world, you have to unite a cast of heroes in order to break the dark curse that has befallen the kingdoms. As you seek to become the “Ultimate Soul Hunter,” you will need to reclaim corrupted Soulstones. How can you do this?

Soulstones play an important role in this game. Heroic Chapters may help you get them if you are having trouble. In order to progress faster and gather more stones, you’ll want to play these chapters. Diamonds and gems can be obtained by completing daily quests. In addition to diamonds, you can earn experience.

Adding item fragments to your inventory lets you create items that are not just rarer and more unique, but also more powerful. By fusing heroes, you can make good use of heroes you don’t need, by sacrificing them for a more powerful hero, for his/her benefit. Two heroes can be fused together to boost their stats and equip them with more items.

For those who want to earn more equipment, gold, and experience points, replaying previously played and completed missions can be helpful. Replaying missions you’ve already completed in Soul Hunters will earn you more loot.

Mod Apk Features

0unlimited Diamonds

You can unlock all the characters and their skins without spending any money. Unlimited diamonds are available in the Soul Hunters mod apk.

HD Graphics

When it comes to graphics, it is a masterpiece. Animations are realistic, and characters are unique.


With just one touch, you can perform all your actions. It’s easy to play for those with little gameplay knowledge.

Blocked Ads

Ads are not included in the latest version of this app.

Application Upgrades

Users of the premium version do not need to update the application. It will automatically update itself on a daily basis.

Mod Apk Features

How to Install It?

  1. Firstly, uninstall Soul Hunter’s original version if you have it installed.
  2. On our site, you can download Soul Hunters Mod APK.
  3. Once the download is complete, you must locate and install the apk file.
  4. To install applications outside of the Play Store, you must enable “Unknown sources”.
  5. After that, you can open and play Soul Hunters Mod APK


Soul Hunters MOD APK is one of the most popular games at the moment. There are a lot of people playing this game and enjoying it. Aside from its impressive graphics, the gameplay is easy to understand, and it has many unique features. With Soul Hunters Mod Apk, you will be captivated by the familiar gameplay system from the very first moment. Play this game if you like arcade games and don’t miss out on it


How safe is Soul Hunters Mod?

As a result of our Anti-Malware platform scanning Soul Hunters Mod, no viruses were detected.

What is the safety rating of Soul Hunters MOD APK?

Using any Android device to mod this game is completely safe and secure.

Is Soul Hunters compatible with PC?

With GameLoop, you can play Soul Hunters smoothly on PC. Find it in GameLoop’s library or search results. Don’t worry about battery life or annoying calls. Free Soul Hunters PC on the large screen.

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