APK Name:Star Trek Timelines
Latest Version:9.1.0
Publisher:Tilting Point
File Size:75.20 MB
Category:Role Playing
Requirements:Android 4.1
Playstore Link:Click Here


In the immersive world of Star Trek Timelines, players are invited to join Starfleet and embark on an exhilarating journey through space and time. With the mission of saving the galaxy from temporal anomalies, players will find themselves at the forefront of an epic adventure.

Equipped with phasers set to stun, they will navigate the vast expanse of the universe and come face-to-face with beloved characters from every era of Star Trek history. As captains of their starships in this sci-fi role-playing game, players must assemble a skilled crew by recruiting iconic characters from the Star Trek universe. With each step into the unknown, careful crew selection becomes paramount.

Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk

By strategically assembling a team, players will navigate the challenges ahead and shape the galaxy’s destiny. Together, you’ll boldly go where no one has before, discovering new worlds and facing exciting challenges.


The following are some features of this game:

1. Crew Assemble

Create your character. Create your own Star Trek team with the strongest Heroes and Villains. Get your crew ready to go full speed ahead and fight in the warfare arena in this galaxy space wars game.

2. Force Of Iconic Starships

Commanders of interstellar spaceships command multiple starships at the same time. You can defeat your alien enemies. Prepare the powerful starship for war by building it up.

3. Command a Fleet

Build the best fleet command to increase attack and defense by unlocking and upgrading spaceships. Build a fleet, take them into battle, and become a force.

4. Beat Your Enemies

Develop your strategy and combat skills to survive Star Trek Timelines. Test your crew’s abilities against the best captains of the galaxy in PvP battle arenas.

5. Battleship Upgrade

Perform the different missions. Fly through lethal enemy territory in this amazing galaxy shooting game as the commander, armed with an arsenal of weapons. Shoot the space shooter and control your battleships.



As players embark on their journey in Star Trek Timelines, they take on the role of a captain and begin investigating a strange temporal anomaly. This anomaly leads them to a fateful encounter with Q, who reveals the severity of the situation: a temporal crisis of epic proportions has occurred, causing people, places, and objects from different timelines to converge in one place.

Here the true adventure begins, and with the power to recruit iconic characters from all Star Trek TV series eras, players can assemble a skilled crew to aid them in their mission.
Through Away Missions, Starship Battles, and completing main missions, players can progress through the game’s storyline and choose which faction will ultimately control the galaxy.


Additionally, players can collaborate with others by forming Fleets and Squadrons to participate in weekend events and upgrade “Starbases” to unlock shared bonuses.

Mod Apk Features

Given below are some features of the mod version:

1. Free To Download

In addition to being free to download, Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk is free to play, and you do not need to register or give any personal information to play.

2. Unlimited Languages

Multilingual versions of the game will be available. You will never be forced to play in English only. Choose a language that is understandable in your area.

3. Unlimited Money

In the mod, you will have a lot of money to buy new crew members who are powerful, new weapons that are unlimited, and upgrades.

4. Upgraded Equipment

Upgrade your spaceship and base camp. Make sure your weapons are up-to-date. Every time you face enemies, they will have the best and most powerful weapons. To gain the glory, you must prepare your fleet for the charge of the fight. Throughout the galaxy, you will face a variety of enemies who are charged with fighting you.

Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk Features

How To Install It?

  1. You must first uninstall Star Trek Timelines’ original version.
  2. Visit our site to download Star Trek Timelines APK.
  3. Install the apk file once you have completed the download.
  4. To install application other than the Play Store, you must enable “Unknown sources”.
  5. Afterward, open Star Trek Timelines Mod APk and enjoy it.


Prepare yourself for complete immersion in the extraordinary world of Star Trek as you embark on an epic journey through time with the Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk. With its exceptional graphics, captivating sound effects, and engaging gameplay, this game is an absolute gem. Prepare for the ultimate space exploration experience, where critical decisions, ship upgrades, and exhilarating battles against fellow players await you at every turn.

By having this game on your phone, you’ll elevate your gaming adventure to new heights, all thanks to the unlimited resources at your disposal. Unlocking all the remarkable features within the game has never been more attainable.


How safe is the Star Trek Timelines Mod?

Due to our Anti-Malware platform, Star Trek Timelines Mod is 100% virus-free.

Can I download Star Trek Timelines Mod Apk from the Google Play Store?

To download the Mod Apk version of the game, you need to follow the instructions on our website and not through Google Play.

Is Star Trek Timeline compatible with in-app purchases?

There are in-app purchases included, but the amount of those purchases is quite negotiable.

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