APK Name:Zombie Anarchy
Latest Version:1.3.1c
Publisher:Gameloft SE
File Size:49.96 MB
Requirements:Android 4.1
Playstore Link:Click Here


In the grim and desolate world of Zombie Anarchy, players are fully immersed in a post-apocalyptic realm, where the ultimate goal is survival. As they scavenge resources, an imperative task in this harsh environment, players must simultaneously fend off relentless attacks from the living and the undead.

Alongside a captivating cast of diverse characters, each harboring their own intriguing backstory, players must embark on battles of epic proportions.To withstand the unyielding onslaught, they must skillfully utilize a wide array of collectible weapons and defenses, fortifying their camp and increasing their chances of survival.


Engage in epic confrontations with real-world player-created camps and establish your status as a legendary zombie conqueror. With its engaging mini-games, tactical gameplay, and strategic elements, this game delivers endless entertainment. Strengthen your arsenal by upgrading weapons-


The following are some general features of this game:

1. Powerful The Survivors

Find the last survivors on Earth before zombies attack. Defeat monstrous zombies with them. Choose the previous inhabitants and turn them into zombie fighters.

2. Camp Defense

You must defend the camp. Get ready to kill monsters and zombies by taking a deep breath. Use powerful techniques to defeat army raiders and enemies.

3. Resources and weapons

Exterminate the zombie camps. Collect the resources and weapons this extermination gives you and use them against your enemies. Shoot from a distance with an apocalypse van.

4. Leagues Worldwide

A world-famous name will surely appeal to everyone. Become the first global league member. PvP victories are required for joining, so make yourself famous by getting wins in PvP mode.



In the game Zombie Anarchy, players assume the roles of characters and undertake various tasks. Upon starting the game, players are provided with a small base by the publisher. However, unless everyone rebuilds their bases, zombie attacks will persist. The game features multiple levels, enabling players to progress swiftly. Erecting numerous buildings becomes crucial in order to safeguard their bases from zombie infiltrations.

Each level of Zombie Anarchy Mod Apk offers a wide array of items, irrespective of their difficulty, prompting players to constantly evade the zombies. By employing skillful movement and swiftly eliminating the undead, players can make the game more manageable. To eradicate all zombies at the gates, players must be prepared to risk their lives.

Mod Apk Features

Given below are the features of the mod version:

1. Unlimited Rewards

Log in daily without any execution to collect daily bonuses and rewards in the zombie anarchy mod apk. Get exclusive resources by participating in live events.

2. Unlimited Diamonds

With the mod version, you will be given unlimited money and diamonds which will assist you in upgrading your items and destroying all zombies.

3. Premium Unlocked

In our mod apk for Zombie Anarchy, all things are completely unlocked for free.

4. Online PVP Mode

A PvP mode is also available in the zombie anarchy apk. Against a real enemy, you’ll get a lot of war weapons and resources. Join the global leaderboard and amass victories.

Zombie Anarchy Mod Apk

How To Install It?

  1. If you have installed the original version of Zombie Anarchy, you must first remove it.
  2. Download Zombie Anarchy APK from our website.
  3. The apk file must be found and installed after the download is complete.
  4. In order to install applications from outside the Play Store, you must enable “Unknown sources”.
  5. After that, you can open and play Zombie Anarchy Mod APK.

Final Verdict

Zombie Anarchy Mod Apk, renowned and beloved by players worldwide, stands as a popular game choice. This captivating game not only stimulates creative thinking but also presents an array of enticing features that keep players engaged and entertained. With its immersive gameplay, players are guaranteed an experience that defies monotony, ensuring endless enjoyment with every session.


How safe is Zombie Anarchy Mod?

Our Anti-Malware platform scanned apk Zombie Anarchy and found no viruses.

How much does Zombie Anarchy Mod Apk cost?

A completely free version of Zombie Anarchy Mod Apk can be downloaded here.

What is the safety rating of Zombie Anarchy Apk?

To ensure everyone’s safety, Zombie Anarchy Mod is extremely safe.

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